Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Vo5 Extreme Style Clean Up Shampoo

I previously reviewed the Gunk Go shampoo from the Vo5 Extreme Style range but the question is how does this sister - or should I say brother? - product perform? 

Superdrug describes Clean Up as having a "manly fragrance" - a good start for a product created for men. It is fair to say that it does have a pleasant aroma which is true of most Vo5 products. 

It's fair to describe it as the entry-level shampoo of the range but it does refresh, clean and soften hair which is all you need. 

One of the main advantages of Clean Up is that it does leave you with a good base to style hair. My hair is fairly long at the moment and it's not proving too difficult to style - partly due to the shampoo. 

You could end up spending upwards of £10 if you're looking for a good shampoo but at just £2.99 you could do worse than buy a bottle of Clean Up. 

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