Thursday, 10 April 2014

Top Five: Topman

To save you, dear reader, the effort of scouring websites for the best styles, I’ll do all the dirty work for you and find the best five pieces from the best shops. What better shop to start with than my favourite, Topman.

Casual Jacket

The humble bomber jacket is back on-trend this spring season and its lightweight material makes it the ideal jacket for this temperamental season.

Topman has a huge dedicated range from £20 upwards. This burgundy one caught my eye, who doesn’t like burgundy? 

Smart Jacket

If you’re looking for a jacket on the smarter end of the scale then a nice tweed blazer is just what you’re after. Tweed blazers have been popular for the last few years, partly thanks to Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor, and this affordable grey one caught my eye. 


The ideal casual shirt will be dressy enough to impress and cool enough to wear in casual settings like the pub. Tartan is also set to be big this year and this short sleeve number looks like the perfect casual shirt for those warm, sunny evenings. 


Topman quite simply do the best jeans for men. I struggled to find good jeans for years until this Christmas. I was given a pair of Topman skinny jeans and I was so impressed that I bought another pair in the winter sales just a few days later. 


A plain t-shirt may be derided by some people as boring but every man needs a number of different coloured plain t-shirts in his wardrobe. Topman, again, lead the field for this. You can pick up 2 for £12 which, quite frankly, is a bargain. 

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