Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Manly Music

I like One Direction. I am a male directioner. Get over it.

When people find out that I like One Direction's music they seem to be a mixture of repulsed and judging.

I have learnt that you seemingly cannot be a man and like 1D.

This led me to think that us guys should be able to listen to what we like, we should be free to explore our musical interests.

A large part of my musical taste is dominated by alternative-guitar music and bands such as Bloc Party, Interpol, Foals and Don Broco.

However it is nice, on occasion, to stop listening to gloomy lyrics and heavy riffs and put on some uplifting pop music.

Be it the up-tempo Live While We're Young or the melancholy Story Of My Life, 1D are the perfect group for just that.

I also judge pop stars on whether I think they would be a good laugh and if we could bond over a pint.

And I think the 1D lads would pass that test.

Conor Maynard also passes - but his debut album and latest single R U Crazy are also brilliant.

It is time that society accepts that, as modern me, we are unashamed to admit to our, perhaps embarrassing, musical persuasions.

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