Saturday, 26 October 2013

Do Men Like Hugs?

A study has revealed something terrifically unsurprising - men like hugs as much as the fairer sex.

The research - conducted by AXA - uncovered that a hug, music, fresh air and meeting-up with friends proved the best stress-busters for modern men with tiring and eventful lifestyles and work schedules.

The Daily Mail article cites psychologist Donna Dawson saying that the powerful sense of touch explains why we seek out a hug when unhappy.

When reading the piece I was slightly shocked by how much men are still viewed as being macho, aggressive, testosterone-fuelled characters.

I thought that society had picked up on the changing male psyche yet it seems 'man' is still viewed through a 90s filter - loud, loutish and tough.

Even the comment section had the occasional disbeliever.

The top comment, however, aptly says: "Of course they do. Who doesn't like cuddles?!"

Just because something doesn't fit with the traditional stereotype of men being blokes, it doesn't mean we don't enjoy it.

For example, chocolate. A stereotyped consumer of chocolate is emotional women sharing a pack with their girlfriends.

That doesn't mean men don't enjoy chocolate. We bloody love it.

It's nice to see my idea of the 'modern man' seems to be catching on but this survey seems quite pointless.

I mean, what kind of monster doesn't enjoy a hug?

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